Nazer Industries

Founded in 1963 by it's parent company Nazer & Co. Nazer Industries (Private) Limited is a versatile design and fabrication unit, specializing in designing and developing machinery and equipment in conjunction with it's customers that satisfy their specific needs. Typically Nazer Industries manufactures machinery and equipment for the Textile, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food, Chemical and Allied Industries.

Apart from five decades of providing these various industries in Pakistan with quality, long-lasting machines, Nazer Industries (Private) Limited also has a good international presence through the export of its machinery to Bangladesh, East-Africa, Iran and the U. A. E. Nazer Industries (Private) Limited is also previlidged to having taken part in fabrication projects for the United Nations. Nazer Industries believes in Quality fabrication that helps our customers overcome their specific needs


Fabric Inspection systems


Fabric Inspection Machines

Nazer Industries manufacturers a wide range of fabric inspection and rolling/plaiting/batching machines. These various models cater to the various demands that fabric inspection entails. From highly precise and sensitive fabrics, to very heavy textiles such as jute, each type of fabric has its own unique way of behaving. Understanding not only the nature of these fabrics, but also the wants and needs imperative to creating a good solution. Nazer Industries has been constantly been developing and updating these machines to keep up with our customers’ constantly changing needs. We have proudly been manufacturing, developing and exporting our machines for over half a century.

Conveying Systems

One of Nazer’s core competencies lies in the designing and manufacturing of conveying systems. We provide our customers with custom made solutions, designed and manufactured to resolve specific work-flow related needs. In doing so, we help our customers increase the efficiency of their work processes. Whether it is flat-conveyors, screw conveyors, roller conveyors or special process conveyors, Nazer Industries has a solution for you.

Mixing, Blending and Storage units

Mixing, Blending and Storage

Nazer Industries manufacturers a wide range of mixers and processing vessels as well as dosing systems for different processes and applications, depending on customers needs and as such can be applied to a wide range of industries including textiles, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and allied.